• Daily [Dose of Charm] Blog: Wedding 12/13/14

    Saturday was an amazing day! I absolutely love weddings! Seeing people so in love is a great feeling, and you can't forget about the gorgeous decorations that the bride spends months dreaming of (or years if you're like me, my Pinterest is enough evidence of that). My cousin's wedding was yellow and blue - the decorations were darling! And of course I had my handsome date by my side! I wore an open shoulder dress that I am in love with, it's called…
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    December 15, 2014 By laurenlindmark
  • Daily [Dose of Charm] Blog: Meet my pup 12/09/14

    Today has definitely been one of those days where I have had 0 motivation to get anything done, blahh. I woke up with a headache and decided-since it is my senior year after all-I would sleep through my first and second hour (Ecology and English). So maybe not the best decision, but I woke up happy and refreshed! Even my pomeranian, Beau, had a lazy morning in his pin. He didn’t bark or complain once that his mom laid in…
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    December 10, 2014 By laurenlindmark