• Etsy Shop Spotlight: SmittenMonogram (+ Read for 10% off your order)

    So... have I mentioned before that I love monograms? As many of you know I'm heading off to KU next fall so I am so pumped to use this adorable Monogram State Tumbler from SmittenMonogram in my school's colors! Use the code CHARM10 from now until the end of June and get 10% off your order from her Etsy shop! SmittenMonogram has the cutest monogrammed cups and glasses, go look for yourself!  When I love an Etsy store there are two…
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    May 11, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • Etsy Shop Spotlight: SewphisticatedNC (+ Read for 10% off your order)

    Raise your hand if you love monograms!! SewphisticatedNC is my newest discovery on Etsy and I am in love with her products - mostly because a girl can never have too many monograms and SewphisticatedNC has an endless amount of different products to choose from! I recently got the "Monogrammed Makeup Bag in Quatrefoil Pattern," how cute is it?! I am always traveling and on the go so why not travel in style? I'm so excited to bring this on my…
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    April 30, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • What going to Prom is Really Like (As told by Gossip Girl)

    So it's that time of year again, prom season. I'm a senior and last weekend I went to my fourth prom - so yeah you could say I'm basically an expert at it by now. Don't get me wrong, prom is always a highlight of my year and it ends up being a fantastic night, but the whole step by step process (until the night is finally over) is a little…stressful to say the least. So here is my outline…
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    April 20, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • Why being a Female Actually Sucks (As told by Someecards)

    As you can tell by the title it's one of those days. The one where you're really wishing God would have blessed you with the die-hard love for beer and sports, a full set of facial hair, and a you-know-what between your legs instead of all the shit girls get. Don't get me wrong - there are definitely perks to being a girl. I've been known to pull out the puppy dog eyes and big smile to get what I…
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    April 6, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • What’s in my Beach Bag?

    It's best time of year, the time where school is out and God has blessed you with that flawless tan that will last you the next three months (four if you're lucky). There's no stress, and nothing to worry about. -okay sadly we're still a few months away from all that but I can pretend, right? However, it is a another one of my favorite times of the year - spring break!! I live in the middle of the grand…
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    March 16, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • What to Pack for Spring Break! (+ things you wouldn’t think of)

    If you're like me, you've been zoning out for the last week, blasting Luke Bryan's Spring Break playlists for the last two weeks, over paying on swim suits for the last three weeks, and (kind of) eating healthy for that perfect bod for the last month - all in preparation for Spring Break, of course! My first tip for packing is that everyone needs to invest in a wardrobe rack!! This thing is seriously a life-saver when it comes to packing for trips.…
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    March 13, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Drink Caffeine

    Sweet tea used to be my weakness. If I wasn't drinking Arizona Arnold Palmer I was buying a venti black iced tea sweetened from Starbucks (that's sweet tea in 'bucks language). Not only did I find that spending $3.00 on a cup of tea almost everyday was expensive, it was also costing my health. After a little research, I finally figured out that caffeine was a majority of the blame for my moods, stress,  and over-eating that I sometimes couldn't control. Cutting out…
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    February 19, 2015 By laurenlindmark