Summer's Eve x Lauren Lindmark Daily Dose of Charm How to Survive Your Period Campaign

(DRAFT) 10 Period Hacks | How to Survive the Worst Time of Month…

You guys know I love talking about things that are TMI on my blog – so today let’s talk about one of the most taboo topics of them all: periods. Let’s be honest, they suck. With all the cramping, mood swings, cravings, and mess, no one looks forward to their time of month. Recently one of my favorite brands, Summer’s Eve, reached out and asked to collaborate and the idea for this post instantly popped into my head!

I have been wanting to talk about period for a long time on my blog (is that weird?). I know I have a lot of younger followers, and when I was talking to you guys through the process of getting my IUD I heard a lot of your stories about how you struggle with your periods. So Summer’s Eve and I decided to team up and share some period life hacks to help you survive! Disclaimer: If you read my blog you know I hardly ever do any sponsorships, however, I loved the idea of this post and I love the company, Summer’s Eve, even more! I have been using their products for years! All opinions are always my own and I stand behind them 100%!


ten period hacks you need to know

1. Track Your Period

I was on birth control for 5 years so I always knew when my period was coming. Now that I have an IUD I have been using a period tracking app so I know when to expect Mother Nature to stop by. This is important so you can be prepared!


2. Be Prepared

Speaking of being prepared, make sure you have “the goods.” You don’t want to get caught off guard by your period and realize you have nothing with you to help! I always carry around tampons and cleaning wipes in my bag! More on those later!

Summer's Eve x Lauren Lindmark Daily Dose of Charm How to Survive Your Period Campaign


3. Hydrate

Oh my gosh you guys this is a game changer! If you follow along you would know I have been drinking 100 ounces of water per day recently and my last period was so much lighter! I have also heard it helps with cramps!


4. Use Some Heat

Heating pads and baths will literally feel like a million bucks your time of the month. Pro tip: use a heated blanket *queue fetal position*


5. Light Exercise

Okay hear me out, I know no one wants to workout when they are pmsing. However, a little light exercise, such as a walk, will do wonders for your cramps!


6. Stay Clean

I use wipes and cleansers on my lady parts all month long, but it is extra necessary when you are on your period! (Boys stop reading now) My period tends to be, well …messy… and it definitely doesn’t smell like flowers haha! I have been using Summer’s Eve’s wash and wipes for years and swear by them! They contain no alcohol, dyes, or parabens, plus they are balanced to a woman’s natural PH so you can feel confident using them on such a sensitive part of your body! They are also gynecologist tested and used – score!

I am currently using the FreshCycle No-Rinse Cleaning Foam, which you can put directly on your toilet paper to clean and freshen up! I also the use FreshCycle Cleansing Clothes Soft Pack at home and the FreshCycle Cleansing Clothes Individually Wrapped for on the go! I like the wipes because they are flushable, so you can bring them to the gym, shopping, school, anywhere! I am about to go out of town so I will 100% be bringing those for easy travel!

Get a printable coupon here!

Summer's Eve x Lauren Lindmark Daily Dose of Charm How to Survive Your Period CampaignSummer's Eve x Lauren Lindmark Daily Dose of Charm How to Survive Your Period Campaign

7. Self Care

Whether it be a cheat meal, facemask, bath, or night in, there is no better excuse than when you are on your period!


8. Talk to Your Doctor

Remember to consult with your doctor when it comes to your heath! Going on birth control definitely helped my periods!


9. Skip the White Pants

Oh gosh, we have all been there. Comment below if you have ever bled through your clothing before – yikes! I always just play it safe and wear dark colors during my time of the month. Warm water and detergent gets period stains out pretty well though!


10. You are not alone!

Remember that you are not alone! Every girl is going through the same thing as you, so don’t be embarrassed. Periods don’t have to be the end of the world!


Lauren Emily Lindmark


This post is sponsored by on behalf of Summer’s Eve. All opinions are my own.

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