• I prefer lie downs over sit ups sweatshirt! Super cute wildfox t-shirt that is super soft! I am a sucker for anything soft and cozy, which is why I am doing a comfy clothing roundup on my fashion blog! Details on daily dose of charm by lauren lindmark

    Finally Back After Resting & Having Mono | Comfy Clothes Roundup!

    GUESS WHO'S BACK!!! Okay... obviously me - because you are reading my blog right now hehe! You guys, this was the first time in well over a year I took a whole week off from blogging. I usually post 5 times a week, Monday through Friday, so it was a really hard decision for me to just stop and take a break. For those of you who don't know, I found out I have mono about two weeks ago. I…
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    August 27, 2018 By laurenlindmark
  • Huge Summer Instagram Roundup | Links to All my Outfits + Sizing & RESTOCKS

    HAPPY FRIDAY! This week went by super fast for me, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend ahead! This post has been a LONG time coming, I haven't posted an Instagram roundup in so long! I have a ton of cute things to share, including outfits that weren't on my blog and items that have restocked! Keep scrolling and let me know if you guys like these posts! | St. Barts Tee (I am wearing a size small and…
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    August 17, 2018 By laurenlindmark
  • Fall Staples I Have Been Eyeing | Roundup

    Hey y'all! Sorry blogposts have been going up at random times this week, this mono is making me sooo slow. I was going to work on this last night, but after a long day my sweet boyfriend took me out to dinner at this really yummy Mexican restaurant and then when I got home I did nothing haha! Now that I know I have mono I am trying to take it easy so symptoms don't last longer. Right now I…
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    August 16, 2018 By laurenlindmark
  • Slouchy Free People sweater that comes in cream, light blue, red, black, yellow, and pink! Paired with a Free People bralette that comes in a ton more colors! I finished this look with a cute denim jean skirt and booties from the nordstrom sale! Details on fashion blog daily dose of charm by lauren lindmark

    10 Things I am Grateful for After a Bad Day (& How I Found Out I Had Mono) | + OOTD

    So backstory, about a month ago I went on a new medication for my acne that is also a diuretic, meaning it gets rid of all of my extra water in my body. Because of that, you have to drink a ton of water to replenish your body. A few weeks into the meds I started getting horrible headaches and feeling really tired/lethargic. I told myself I must be dehydrated and started drinking a ton of water everyday which helped…
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    August 15, 2018 By laurenlindmark
  • Burgundy waffle top! These waffle tops are all the rage, I love when they are tied on the end! It comes in a ton of cute fall colors. I paired mine with ripped denim jeans and this cute Rebecca Minkoff purse! Such a cute fall outfit for back to school! Details on fashion blog daily dose of charm by lauren lindmark

    Back to School Tips from Someone Who HATES School | OOTD

    I feel like this is one of my first official fall looks that is going on the blog and I am so excited! I have been burning my Bath & Body Works fall candles for a few weeks now just waiting for mother nature to take the hint and cool off haha! I think we are in for a hot August though. It probably won't stop me from wearing sweaters and jeans! Fall fashion is definitely my favorite out of…
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    August 13, 2018 By laurenlindmark
  • Blonde sweatshirt! I love this cute coral sweatshirt that says

    Do Blondes Have More Fun? | OOTD

    If you didn't know, I used to be a full-out brunette. I was born with light hair and it got darker and darker as the years went on. Now I would call myself a "dirty-blonde," because I get balayage and blonde extensions, but still have some dark pieces. I started going blonde in sixth grade. I had spent the summer after elementary school putting lemon juice in my hair and praying I would turn blonde and finally my mom just…
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    August 10, 2018 By laurenlindmark
  • Cutest cactus top! Not only is it adorable, but it's inexpensive! I paired them with jean shorts, my favorite cream free people cardigan, my new allsaints bag, Tory Burch Millers, and Ray Ban sunglasses! The cutest summer outfit shot at a flower and plant nursery! Details on fashion blog daily dose of charm by lauren lindmark

    What My Natural Hair Looks Like + I Need Hair Advice! | + Cactus OOTD

    I am going to be honest, I really don't care much about how my hair looks unless I am shooting photos. If I am just hanging out with friends, running errands, or working, I usually just wear it natural - which is how I wore it in these photos! I am lucky because my extensions match my natural curl and texture perfectly and the length makes it really cute! In these photos it is a little more straight because this…
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    August 9, 2018 By laurenlindmark