• Holiday card swap

    Holiday Card Swap 2017 | Join the Swap this year! + Giveaway

    It's getting to be that time of year, when your mailbox gets flooded with pretty holiday cards and best wishes! Holiday cards were one of my favorite parts of the holidays growing up. I loved racing to the mailbox and taking turns with my sisters opening cards from all of our friends and family. However, then I grew up and realized it takes a long time to to build a mailing list as big as our parents. Because of that,…
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    November 15, 2017 By laurenlindmark
  • Halloweentown univeristy sweatshirt DIY! Easy last minute halloween costumes details on fashion blog daily dose of charm by lauren lindmark

    Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween | DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

    Obviously this last weekend was when most of people did their dressing up for Halloween, so if you’re like me and have some last minute plans for the actual week night holiday and are searching for something simple - look no further! In June I was searching Pinterest for my older sister's birthday (the one pictured below) and found a photo of these Halloweentown sweatshirts. Halloweentown is our FAVORITE halloween movie, we always watch it together every year! So I…
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    October 31, 2017 By laurenlindmark
  • Fall bucket list

    My Fall Bucket List | 2017

    *Photo is from one of last year's pumpkin patch posts Waking up yesterday to 50º weather and the leaves blowing in the wind made me get in the ultimate fall mood. As I am typing this the window is open and I am snuggled in a comfy cardigan! Lately I have been trying to live my life to the fullest and not just go through the motions of everyday life. The other day my friend and I randomly went to…
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    October 25, 2017 By laurenlindmark
  • Relaxation and unwind tips bathtub flowers braid daily dose of charm lauren 4P6A9115-2 2

    What I do to Unwind | Relaxation Tips

    After my breakup my mom sent me a podcast by The Mindful Kind about self-care after breakups (episode #55 if anyone is wondering, it's only 8 minutes and great for anyone going through something). It made me realize that even in my relationship when I was “happiest” I wasn’t doing as much for myself anymore! Even the simplest things like wrapping up in a warm bed with a face mask at the end of the day, I had lost those…
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    October 11, 2017 By laurenlindmark
  • Free people cardigan and fresh flowers with long curly hair by fashion blog daily dose of charm lauren lindmark

    Life Update | Getting Personal

    So to be honest I wasn’t sure when the “right time” to publish this is. As many of you know, my blog is my diary. I pour my heart out in posts, talk about the good, the bad, the ugly. In a way it’s for my readers who are also my best friends, but it’s also for me to look back on. I have always been someone who writes everything down. It’s how I find clarity in a lot of…
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    October 2, 2017 By laurenlindmark
  • How I edit blog photos for my fashion blog! Beginner editing in lightroom and photoshop on daily dose of charm by lauren lindmark

    How I Edit My Blog Photos + VIDEO | BLOG SERIES

    Hey y'all! Today I am bringing you one of my most requested posts, how I edit my blog photos! I in no way think I am a professional, and I still have a lot to learn and improve on. However, I have had my blog for about three years and I have come a long way so I hope this helps you! I want to point out that a lot of fashion bloggers, like myself, use unique ways to edit.…
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    September 26, 2017 By laurenlindmark
  • How I edit blog photos on my iphone for my blog and Instagram! Easy editing tips by fashion blogger daily dose of charm by lauren lindmark

    How I Edit Blog and Instagram Photos on My Phone | BLOG SERIES

    If there is one blog post request I get asked to write the most it's how I edit my photos! I decided to split this into two posts, first up is editing on my phone! I rarely edit photos on my phone that go on my blog, but I do edit photos to put on my blog's Instagram! I have been posting more flatly recently so I take all of those on my phone's camera. For reference, I have an…
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    September 18, 2017 By laurenlindmark