How to deal with Anxiety, Depression, and Stress of Senior year (or any other stressful time) ft. someecards

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 12.38.23 PMWe’ve all been there. We’ve all hit a low in our life at some point that makes it feel like things will never get better. Stress will get to us, we’ll start feeling sad, and suddenly it’s like every part of our life is going downhill. You may not actually have stress or anxiety, but everyone goes thorough spells of it in their life. It is important to remember it’s only temporary, here are some ways to deal with it!


1. Acceptance

It’s ok to say “I can’t handle this.” It’s ok to cry, to not know what to do, to feel lost or broken. You will figure it out, this is a big time for change so you just need to accept that this is something you have to go through.


2. Distraction

Make sure it’s a healthy distraction, but it’s one of the best things you can do! Pick up a new hobby, start a blog, get a job, bake, clean, workout, anything that keeps you busy will help!

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3. Have days for yourself

Although staying busy helps, sometimes a nice day at home, a bubble bath and your favorite food and movies can be relaxing and help you unwind. As long as you have these days in moderation, it’s a nice break from all the stress


4. Keep yourself healthy

Drink water (loads of it), eat a balanced diet, and work out-all of these things are going to keep you and your brain healthy which will help you deal with the stress you’re going through.


5. Remember it all gets better

Regardless of what’s going on, life will continue and nothing is permanent. Take some time to enjoy the life around you and never let yourself lose sight of the light at the end. You’ll be happy again soon!

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