Lilly Pulitzer Letters (DIY)

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So I may be jumping the gun a little-especially being a senior in high school-but I am absolutely OBSESSED with Sorority crafts! Just take a look at my Pinterest and you’ll understand. Crafting in general is one of my favorite things to do, but when my older sister, a freshman at Baker University, became a Zeta Tau Alpha I was quick to get to work on some crafts for her. unnamed-11 I’ve made these adorable Lilly Pulitzer letters before with my monogram (LLE), but I decided I would recreate them with my sis’s sorority letters. It’s super easy and not too expensive! Supplies: -Block letters (I bought mine at Michaels) -Mod Podge (I’m using matte) -Scissors -Strips of Lilly Pulitzer patterns -Paint brush unnamed-12unnamed-13 I decided to make use of my old Lilly Pulitzer agenda and cut out strips of the patterns on the the monthly pages, but you can also find your favorite Lilly Prints online (just google Lilly Prints) and print them out! unnamed Now it’s time to get gluin’ unnamed-1unnamed-3unnamed-4 Flip over your pattern strip and put the Mod Podge on it, then stick on the spot you want (I started in the middle of the letter) and press down. Then fold the strip over the sides, apply more mod Podge, if necessary, and glue down on the back! unnamed-5unnamed-8unnamed-9 The back of mine never look real pretty, but you get the idea! Then just continue doing this all along the letter, the corners get tricky so you may need to cut off pieces of the pattern and glue them in weird places so you can make sure all the visible sides are covered! If you can’t get the sides of the letters to look good (don’t worry, it takes practice!) just cover it up with some glitter-works every time!

unnamed-6unnamed-10unnamed These are excellent big/little gifts or even gifts for friends! You can do initials, sorority letters, university letters, or even full names/words! What are you going to create? Happy Crafting, Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.07.34 PM

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