• National Coffee Day DIY Coffee Mugs | VIDEO

    Hey all you #girlbosses (and guy bosses)! I know a lot of you can't get through the day without coffee so this day is dedicated to you! I love coffee, I used to crave white chocolate mochas from Starbucks and I'm a sucker for seasonal drinks (yes I'm a basic PSL gal). However, within the last few years I have totally cut out caffeine and more recently I had to cut out dairy - so that combination made me quit…
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    September 29, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • DIY Chic Fall Decor that Doesn’t Clash with Your Space

    I stopped by my favorite place (aka the craft store) the other day to pick up some DIY fall decor to put in my apartment! I always check online for Michaels coupons while I shop so I ended up getting all this stuff for under $35 which was awesome! It also helped that I already had some glitter, mod podge, paint, and paint brushes at my apartment, but still it's a pretty great deal :) For some reason it always…
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    September 26, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • DIY Tassel Room Decor Perfect for Dorms (Bedding, Wall Art, + More)

    I love crafting! I think it's so relaxing and it feels good to create something yourself. Recently I wanted to get some tassel bedding and I ended up finding this post here by The Blondielocks on how to make your own tassel bedding. I decided to try it out and also make a few more decorative tassel pieces for my room! Below are the steps on how to make the tassels and what sizes I did for different projects. I decided to…
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    August 15, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • DIY Gold Clothing Rack (under $30)

    Before:  After: I have always been a fan of keeping a clothing rack in my room, mostly because I have way too many clothes so keeping a few things out in my room is a good reminder to wear them (and clears up space in my closet)! I've always just purchased the generic Target clothing racks, they're not the cutest but they're cheap and get the job done! This is actually my third clothing rack because everyone in my family…
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    August 5, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • REAL Flower Crown | DIY

    | My Dress | Sometimes we all just need to pretend we're a fairy princess, right? I had a sudden burst of creativity the other day and decided to make a flower crown out of real flowers! The only bad part was I had no where to wear it after I made it...so you can either be like me and make one for fun, or make one for an upcoming festival, date, or wedding! These would be so adorable for a…
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    June 6, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • Preppy Wall Decor Ideas | DIY for your Room or Dorm

    I love looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to make my room cuter and more unique! Something I've found a ton of, especially for college dorms, is wall art! I decided to compile some of my favorites for y'all so we can share ideas. Let me know what you have on your walls! Gold polka dots Nautical Theme Wooden Monogram Koozie Wall Canvases/picture frames: Photo walls: Wall hearts xoxo, Lauren Emily   *These photos were found on Pinterest, I…
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    September 29, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Cork Board (DIY)

    So if you've read my blog for awhile you may be catching on that I love Lilly Pulitzer! I've done some Lilly crafts in the past, like these Lilly Pulitzer letters, so I thought I would share another! I've made this before for my bedroom but I wanted to make another for my dorm room! Here's how to make it... First you'll need some supplies -A bulletin board (any size you want) -Card stock -Glue gun -Ribbon (I choose glittery…
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    May 7, 2015 By laurenlindmark