My Favorite Summer Activities

Hey y’all! So it is officially starting to feel like summer here in the great state of Kansas so I thought I would share my favorite activities to do in the summertime!

summer activities

summer activities


1. Go to the pool
I can hear everyone now – “duh Lauren, that’s such a basic summer activity.” But think about it, the pool is a time where you can lay around and be lazy or go swimming all while getting a kick ass tan and not having to do actual work. Does it really get any better?

2. Go to the lake
Going to any local lake (or beach) is always a great way to spend a summer day! Grab some friends, and spend the day lounging by the water, fishing, or swimming! If you’re lucky enough to have a boat you can spend the day cruising around or tubing!

3. Cook
The great thing about summer is how much time you have to cook – there are also so many fun summer recipes to try! Stay tuned for my watermelon Rice Krispy Treats!

4. Play Soccer (or any sport you want!)
If you’re going to spend as much time cooking as I do you’re going to need to balance it out with some activity. I’m not super coordinated so I never really loved sports, but getting together with some friends and kicking a ball around is actually a lot of fun!

5. Going to the dog park
If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a little dog crazy, can you blame me though? Beau is always so happy when we go to the dog park and it’s a great way to waste a little time outside!

6. Get snow cones
This one will have a category all for itself because I loooove snow cones!! My favorite is this local shop near my house that puts sour spray on them – so delicious and a perfect summer treat!

7. Movie nights
I feel like I always watch so many more movies in the summer. You can go to the movie theater, drive in movie, or set up your own projector outside your house!

8. Go to your local zoo
Me + animals = heaven on earth
I’ve always loved the zoo, it’s a great place to explore for a day plus it gives you something a little more active to do!

9. Go to the driving range
You don’t have to be good at golf to hit up the driving range, it’s fun to go with a few friends and hit some balls – even if none of you know what you’re doing!

country drive

10. Go for a drive (or a walk if you don’t have a car)
I love doing this in the summer, roll your windows down and blast some country music and just drive for miles!

11. Road trip
I think I saved the best for last! Summer is all about adventures, so drive to a different city, beach, lake, or any destination of your choosing! There’s never a wrong time for a little traveling!

As you can see there are many things to choose from, I’ll have even more ideas coming soon!


Lauren Emily

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