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Nordstrom Sale 2021 | All the Details + My Top Picks

You guys! Long time no talk, at least on my blog. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know the last six months have been totally crazy! The biggest thing being, Cameron and I bought a house together! I cannot wait to share all the life updates, but for now it’s time to focus on one thing and one thing only… THE NORDSTROM SALE! This will be my fourth year covering the sale and I can’t wait!

If you’re new around here, I love covering this sale. I have shopped the Nordstrom Sale with my family for as long as I can remember! As always, I plan to do a video the day I go to shop the sale (aka next Monday July 12th)! I will post the video on my YouTube, plus I will be sharing all my favorites along the way here on my blog, my LTK, and on my Instagram. For now, let’s chat details. When the sale is, what my tips are, and what to expect!

So, what is the Nordstrom Sale?

The anniversary sale is seriously a sale like no other! Instead of usual sales, where retailers mark down old items, Nordstrom adds THOUSANDS of new arrivals to their site then marks them down right away! This sale happens every July! The sale is a mix of summer and fall fashion, as well as shoes, accessories, home decor, beauty, plus men + kids categories too!

When does it start?

Here is all the info on this year’s sale! They changed it up a bit this year, and made all the “Early Access” days a bit shorter. Shopping starts at 2:00 a.m. CST / 12:00 a.m. PT each day.

So when can I start shopping? How do you shop early?

If you are a part of the Nordy Club (aka you have a debit or credit card with Nordstrom) – you get to shop earlier than everyone else! Which is amazing because things sell out quickly… There are different levels of the Nordy Club known as “statuses.” This is based on what you spend yearly at Nordstrom!

So if you get a card from Nordstrom, you automatically become an “Influencer” and get to shop early. The more you spend throughout the year, the earlier you get to shop the sale! My family shares a Nordstrom card number and we just pay my parent’s back when we spend. Because of this we all “Icon” status which is how we shop early. This is a great tip if your whole family likes to shop at Nordstrom too! To check your status go to your Nordstrom account.

So how do I join the Nordy club?

You can apply for a Nordstrom card to join the Nordy Club! Right now you can actually get a $60 Bonus Note when you sign up! By applying for a card you will get to shop Early Access, instead of July 28th like everyone else! This is nice because things tend to sell out quickly.

*I am not giving financial advice by recommending the Nordstrom card.

*Always spend responsibly. Check out the NORDSTROM VISA APR and fee information and the NORDSTROM RETAIL CARD APR and fee information.

*The Nordstrom Retail Card can only be used at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club. Nordstrom VISA is a real credit card that can be used anywhere.

What are your tips?

1. Things Sell Out FAST. No guaranteed restocks.
Definitely shop as early as you can! If you are able to get a Nordy card then that will help! Things typically sell out in 24 hours and restocks are not guaranteed.

2. Don’t Go in Blind.
Whether you are shopping in person or online, make a plan of action. I am posting some of my favorite sneak peaks below as well as sale categories. Make a plan on what you want to shop for and prioritize those items first! For example, I like to buy jeans during the sale. The best pairs tend to sell out fast – so I always buy those first! It helps to add things to your wishlist to buy later.

3. Get Some Help.
Okay, shameless plug here, but the sale can be overwhelming. If you come back to my blog starting on the 12th I will be posting all my sale favorites, try on hauls, videos, and more! I will also be posting restock and more sale items on my Instagram page.

4. Do Not Feel Pressured.
Look, the Nordstrom Sale is a lot of fun and there are a lot of great deals, but do not feel pressured to spend money just because everyone is telling you about the deals. This sale is something I save up for every year and I have so much fun sharing! However, I never want anyone to feel pressured into buying items. I also want to note, I do earn a small commission when you purchase something from my links which helps me cover the items I buy every year. I really appreciate your support!


My Favorite Items So Far!

I will be posting SO MANY roundups over the next few days (and weeks) – but for now here are some of my favorite wishlist items that I hope to snag! Let me know what your favorites are!





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