What going to Prom is Really Like (As told by Gossip Girl)

So it’s that time of year again, prom season. I’m a senior and last weekend I went to my fourth prom – so yeah you could say I’m basically an expert at it by now. Don’t get me wrong, prom is always a highlight of my year and it ends up being a fantastic night, but the whole step by step process (until the night is finally over) is a little…stressful to say the least. So here is my outline of what it’s really like going to prom.

It’s about a month before the dance and someone brings up finding date, panic mode begins.giphy

Guys and girls start acting really weird just to get dates (uh ew stop flirting in the middle of the hallway please??).

eyeing boys

boy winking

Everyone is getting asked – but you. But like it’s totally fine you didn’t want to go anyways.

Blair eye roll

Some of the strange guys in your class start showing interest and you’re not sure what to do…

Are you serious

But it doesn’t matter because the most perfect guy asks you and you’re set!


Or at least you feel like you’re “all set” until you remember you need to get a dress…and get your hair done…and make up…and get shoes…and make reservations…and figuring out what group to go in…and what after party…are we getting a party bus?…oh shoot I need to get my nails done…damn this is expensive.


You decide to shop online because that’s so much easier

Dan happily on computer

You (finally) figure out a group of friends to go with, but the guys are horrible at planning things out.

confusin - messing up resrvation

So it’s all taken into the girl’s hands (as usual).


The day of the prom arrives and you are so pumped to get ready!

getting ready

That is until you’re a few hours into getting ready and you end up regretting everything.

getting ready

But you finally look good and pictures are fabulous (even though only a few actually turn out).


Not to mention your date looks great!


You get to dinner and you’re ecstatic because your date has to pay (buy the steak!!).

I eat everything

You arrive at the dance and show off your (not so great) dance moves, but who cares you’re having a great time!

danceThey crown prom queen and you didn’t win but oh well.

who even voted for her

Overall, it’s a great night full of amazing memories!

walking in public

So what happens after the prom? That’s one secret I’ll never tell (and you probably won’t either). You know you love me…


Gossip Girl

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