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What I Got for Christmas 2019

Happy Tuesday babes! Today I am coming at you with a post that I wish would have been up on December 26th, but better late than never! Between being sick over the holidays and my trip to NYC, this was the fasted I could get everything photographed. I am so excited to share my Christmas gifts with you though!

I need to put in a very obvious disclaimer: I am not trying to brag. Everyone in my family loves to give. So we go OVERBOARD haha! I feel really lucky for all I have, but at then end of the day they’re just things. I am even more lucky for the people behind the gifts! I only post this every year because it’s requested!

Also, I am only showing gifts from my family. They know I do this post and are fine with me sharing, I just feel weird showing any other gifts plus I don’t want to accidentally leave one out and make anyone feel bad! I am super thankful for everyone in my life though and really appreciative of everyone who spoiled me this year!

my christmas gifts

Dyson Blowdryer

I was totally not expecting to receive this! I think my mom was tired of me using her blowdryer haha! Definitely one of the things I was most excited about! I got it in white and it is sooo cute! It also came with a stand, case, and comb!


Charging Plate

Before Christmas my parents kept asking what I wanted and I kept telling them I couldn’t think of anything BUT a charging plate haha! They are SO cool! This one actually charges two devices at once! I nerded out over it!


blendsmart Rotating Brush

This is SO COOL! It’s a brush set and the base makes it spin – helping blend your makeup! I haven’t tried it yet, but let me know if you want a review!


Slip Pillowcase

The best pillowcase ever! I have it in pink and got a second one in black as a Christmas gift! Now I can put one on each of my pillows! I am going to make Cam sleep on this one haha!


Amazon Echo Dot + Smart Plug

My sweet sister got my an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas and I am SO excited to use it! I can’t decide if I should take it to my office or leave it at my house! My roommates in the past have had them and they are so cool!


Gel Nail Kit

I got a new gel nail kit! I am pumped about this! I already had a gel light, but it was so old I had to unplug it and plug it back in every time I needed the light on haha! I asked for another cheap Amazon one for Christmas, but my sweet mom did some research and got me this really nice one! I’ve already used it and it’s amazing!


Schrute Farms Hat

I know I said I wouldn’t share gifts from anyone other than my family, but my boyfriend got me this hat and I love it haha! I have been trying to get him to like The Office for two years and he is finally coming around! He also got me a really cute jacket that I wore in NYC!


Personalized AirPod Case

My little sister got me the cutest AirPod case ever! I am obsessed! She also got me a mug with my dog’s face on it, but I didn’t have it with me to take pics!


Travel Blanket

With all the traveling I do, this gift was just what I needed! This blanket is compact and easy to pack and also SO SOFT! It can be used as a head pillow, neck pillow, or blanket!


Potted Plant

My older sis also got me this super cute plant! I am determined to keep it alive haha! She got it at a local cafe!


Diptyque Roses Candle

Another one not from my family, but our travel agent sent us these candles and they are one of my favorite brands! I love how cute they look as decor and they smell amazing!


I also got some various beauty products including my favorite La Mer lotion ever!


Bigger Dresser

Last, but not least, my parents completely surprised me with a new dresser! This is something I have needed for so long with all the clothing I have! I had been using my little sister’s old dresser for years and it was just too small. This one is from PBTeen and is so cute! I feel super lucky!



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