Daily [Dose of Charm] Blog: What I got for Valentine’s Day & What I did 2/14/15

Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with the ones you love – that’s the best part! However, I am slightly obsessed with shopping especially when it comes to shopping for gifts, and a lot of my friends and family are the same way! I was so fortunate to have so many loving people in my life this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few of the gifts I received!
My parents were out of town for Valentine’s Day this year so, along with the usual little gift of chocolates and candy, they generously sent me an Edible Arrangement! (yes, it was as delicious as it looks)



Thank the heavens above that I somehow caught myself not only a great guy, but one with great taste (thanks babe)! For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend got me this Vineyard Vine’s Vest and I love it! I’ve been obsessed with vests recently so this was a perfect one to add to my collection – I guess it’s a good thing it’s still freezing here, I’ll be able to wear it for a few more months!


My boyfriend also brought me flowers and chocolates and one of my best friends brought over some sparkling cider and homemade chocolate covered strawberries! My boyfriend and I had a relaxing day and went to a late dinner – it was a successful day to say the least!


Hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love xoxo!

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