What to Pack in Your Carry-On

I’m an expert when it comes to airplane flights, I’ve been on enough flights that I can practically fly the plane myself – ok not really – but I’ve definitely done my fair share of carry-on packing in my lifetime. So here is my ‘professional’ opinion on what you should bring… IMG_3754_e3c8c864-6e9b-4b4d-b1ac-4e94836bc086_1024x1024 If you’ve been on an airplane you should know how freezing it gets, I’m telling you you will not regret bringing some kind of sweatshirt or pullover. I love this True Grit 1/4 Zip fleece Pullover from The Shirt Shop, it’s unbelievably soft and it looks so cute on. Definitely worth the splurge! Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.49.05 AM It’s a good idea to a buy a charging case for your phone, not only great for the plane – but for your whole trip! This one I use is from Nordstrom and it’s called the Boostcase Hydbrid Power. It charges up to 150% so I never have to worry about my battery running out. Last month I went to Washington D.C. and I did a lot of walking, so it was nice to have this baby in my purse just in case! pBBW1-19691324v275   Like I said, planes are always FREEZING! Something I’ve loved this winter is Bath and Body Works Socks – I’ve bought about 8 pairs in the last few months and managed to lose most all of them, but they’re great while they last! These are great to have handy on the plane. Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 5.46.57 PM   So these aren’t necessarily something you’ll need on the plane, but they are nice to keep in your carry-on for easy to access. I am so in love my Ray Ban mirrored aviators in gold/blue, I just had to put them in this post!


More things you’ll need:

  • Laptop I get so bored on flights so I always download some movies or TV shows to watch on iTunes. I’ve also been known to splurge on the in-flight wifi which is always a great way to waste some money while wasting some time (oops)!
  • Headphones Now obviously you need something to do during your flight, so along with my phone and laptop I bring a pair of  Apple headphones (my favorite) and stuff them into my Lilly Pulitzer headphone pouch!
  • Snacks My plane to DC last month left in the morning so I decided to grab a Nutri-Grain bar before I walked out the door. I love these because they are on the healthier side but they are delicious! I also get hungry on the plane so it’s a good idea to bring some sort of snack to munch on during your flight.
  • Gum I don’t think I have ever gotten on a flight without a pack of gum, I’m always passing it around at take off and landing so everyone can have something to chew for their ears!
  • Eye mask If you’re going on a longer flight these are great to bring so you can block out any light to nap or just to rest your eyes with.
  • Water bottle This is something you’ll have to buy once you reach your gate, which means it will be extremely over-priced, but it is oh-so important! Flights are extremely dehydrating, make sure you drink a full bottle before and after your flight.
  • Make up This is something that I never bring on the plane but I know a lot of people like to becuase they can touch up their make up before they get off the plane.
  • Wallet with extra cash and your ID These are just basic travel necessities, but I might as well add them in here because you don’t want to forget those!
  • Phone charger This may be a no brainer but it’s easy to overlook, you don’t want to end up somewhere with a dead phone and no way to charge it.
  • Valuables This is more for the people who are checking some of their luggage, my wise mother has always taught me to never check my valuables just in case my luggage gets lost. It’s good to keep it zipped away in a pocket of your carry on so you always have it with you.

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