• What to Pack for Spring Break! (+ things you wouldn’t think of)

    If you're like me, you've been zoning out for the last week, blasting Luke Bryan's Spring Break playlists for the last two weeks, over paying on swim suits for the last three weeks, and (kind of) eating healthy for that perfect bod for the last month - all in preparation for Spring Break, of course! My first tip for packing is that everyone needs to invest in a wardrobe rack!! This thing is seriously a life-saver when it comes to packing for trips.…
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    March 13, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Drink Caffeine

    Sweet tea used to be my weakness. If I wasn't drinking Arizona Arnold Palmer I was buying a venti black iced tea sweetened from Starbucks (that's sweet tea in 'bucks language). Not only did I find that spending $3.00 on a cup of tea almost everyday was expensive, it was also costing my health. After a little research, I finally figured out that caffeine was a majority of the blame for my moods, stress,  and over-eating that I sometimes couldn't control. Cutting out…
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    February 19, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • What to Pack in Your Carry-On

    I'm an expert when it comes to airplane flights, I've been on enough flights that I can practically fly the plane myself - ok not really - but I've definitely done my fair share of carry-on packing in my lifetime. So here is my 'professional' opinion on what you should bring... If you've been on an airplane you should know how freezing it gets, I'm telling you you will not regret bringing some kind of sweatshirt or pullover. I love…
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    February 10, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • Gift guide for Him & Her – Valentine’s Day Edition – Ranging from $0 – $100+

    Shopping for other people is always so much fun - that is if you have ideas for them. Let's be honest, most of the time our minds draw a blank when it comes to thinking of new gift ideas for every holiday. Valentine's Day is coming up, but don't spend anymore time worry about gifts - I've got you covered. Below is a list of gift ideas for your man or your girl ranging from free to over $100! Enjoy xoxo Free…
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    February 4, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • Rainy Day Activities

    Today was such a perfect day, not only was it Super Bowl Sunday (aka best day of the year - who doesn't love Super Bowl food!?) but it has also been raining/snowing all day here in Kansas City which makes the perfect excuse to stay in bed. Last night was my school dance (see my blog post about what my date and I wore here) and I got a good 4 hours of sleep, so why not lay in bed all day…
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    February 2, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • How to Have a Good Day!

    There's nothing I hate more than waking up in a funk - because who doesn't like being happy? It happens to the best of us though, we just have a day where we feel off, sad, or in a bad mood. It's easy to give in to your bad days and let them take over, but here are some tips for y'all that always help me through my bad days and keep me feeling great all the time! 1. Extra sleep…
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    January 25, 2015 By laurenlindmark
  • My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

    The days leading up to New Year's Eve were spent at the lake with my boyfriend and my family. I love the lake more than anything, while we were there we all took a walk down our driveway (which is really just a long gravel road) and my sister took this picture... I instagramed it with the caption "Ready for 2015 with him by my side" and my dad looked at it and said "Oh I get it! The road behind…
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    January 1, 2015 By laurenlindmark