Flower Letters (DIY) Spring Craft

Spring is finally approaching which means it’s time to fill our homes with some color! These adorable flower letters are a great way to brighten up your room for spring, and they’re so simple to make!

First I went to Michaels to pick up my supplies!



I ended up having to go buy more flowers because I bought so many letters to do, but this many flowers covered about 2-3!


Wooden letters
Hot glue
Fake flowers

1. I cut off the bottoms of my flowers to make them easy to glue

2. Put a little hot glue on the bottom

3. Stick them to the letters

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until your whole letter is coveredunnamed-5unnamed-8



These are so cute! You can do it with your sorority letters or any word!

Happy crafting!

xoxo -Lauren

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