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Holiday Apartment Tour 2020

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again! This year has been a total whirlwind, between the current state of the world & being so busy at work — I am more ready than ever for some holiday joy! Over the weekend, Cam and I decorated for Christmas and it was so much fun! I am so excited to make new memories and traditions with him this year in our first place!

I wanted to put all of these photos into a blogpost so I can look back at them, I do a post like this every year! Check out last year’s here and the year before here! Plus, I wanted an easy place to link all of the details! For the most part, a lot of the holiday items are from years past. So I can only link what is available + similar options! I will try my best to link it all though! Let’s get into it!

My Christmas Tree

Our Couch

Our TV Stand (Currently Sold out, we spray painted the glass)

Our Rug

Our Kitchen Runner

Our White Shelves

Our Bar Stools

Shop here for exact + similar decor items:




I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you don’t see something linked, feel free to DM me on my Instagram @laurenemily (new name)! Also, keep your eye out for my Annual Holiday Card Swap & let me know what gift guides you want to see!


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