How to Have a Good Day!

There’s nothing I hate more than waking up in a funk – because who doesn’t like being happy? It happens to the best of us though, we just have a day where we feel off, sad, or in a bad mood. It’s easy to give in to your bad days and let them take over, but here are some tips for y’all that always help me through my bad days and keep me feeling great all the time!

1. Extra sleep
If you can, even just an extra hour of sleep can change your mood. We’ve all heard the phrase “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” so I am here to tell you it is completely true! Sometimes a fresh start to our day is all we need, so if you have no obligations try going back to sleep for another hour – most of the time that’s all you need! Just make sure this doesn’t turn into sleeping the day away, you don’t want your bad mood to win.

2. Take a hot Shower/bath
So you don’t have time to sleep? No problem. Just hop in the shower, wash your hair with some yummy smelling shampoo, shave, scrub your body, then get out! I swear washing away your bad mood is an actual thing, it’s another way to get a fresh start. If you have more time you can also run yourself a hot bubble bath and climb in with a book or some Netflix, it’s a wonderful way to relax!

3. Buy yourself flowers
This is something I do a lot, fresh flowers are scientifically proven to make your days better if you wake up to them (I read that somewhere once and just went with it – who doesn’t love an excuse to buy flowers?). There’s honestly no shame in buying yourself a bouquet every few weeks, you have to treat yourself!

4. Eat well

This will do amazing things to your well being. Giving yourself the nutrients to stay alert and healthy will not only change the way your body functions, but also your mind! Try snacking on more fruits and vegetables throughout the day instead of foods with high fat and preservatives, it will give you more energy to get through your day and help you change your mentality!

5. Surround yourself with good people

One of the most important things of all is who you spend your time with! You have to surround yourself with good people who lift you up in order to be happy. Ask your friends to go get lunch, spend time with your family, or even reconnect with people from the past. Keeping yourself occupied with people who are good for you will change your mood completely!

6. Wear an outfit that makes you feel great

Who cares if you don’t even see anyone, having confidence in yourself will help you be a happier person! Put on something in the morning that makes you feel fabulous and own your day!

7. Get something done

This could be something that you’ve been meaning to do on your to do list or something you just think of. Being productive will make you feel good about yourself and put you in a great mood!

8. Spend time with your pets

As cliche as it sounds, its a great way to feel better! When I’m having a bad day I like taking my pup to the dog park, animals are therapeutic!

9. Get some fresh air

Eat outside, go on a walk, drive with your windows down, or take a few minutes just to sit in your yard. The clean air will put you in a great mood and the Vitamin-D will keep you healthy and happy!

10. Exercise

I could do 20 blog posts on all the benefits to exercise, it is absolutely amazing for your overall health and it keeps you not only physically, but mentally fit! Sometimes after a hard day it’s nice to go on a quick run to get your heart rate up, it will make you feel so much better! It’s a great way to start your days as well!

11. Do something you enjoy

Whether that’s listening to music, playing an instrument, being outside, or hanging with friends. It is important you take time to do things you enjoy in your busy life!

Don’t worry – Be happy!

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