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Rainy Day Activities

Today was such a perfect day, not only was it Super Bowl Sunday (aka best day of the year – who doesn’t love Super Bowl food!?) but it has also been raining/snowing all day here in Kansas City which makes the perfect excuse to stay in bed. Last night was my school dance (see my blog post about what my date and I wore here) and I got a good 4 hours of sleep, so why not lay in bed all day today? -Don’t judge. So here are some of my favorite rainy day activities!

1. Sleeping
Wow y’all are probably thinking I’m super lazy, but we all need days to just relax! I’m currently cuddled up in bed with my electric blanket trying to stay awake.

2. Watching movies
This one is probably a no brainer but it’s my favorite things to do. I’m currently watching an old season of Big Brother (anyone else in love with that show?) so I have plenty of laying around I can do!

3. Reading a book
For all you book worms out there I know rainy days have to be your favorite, I love getting cozy and reading a good book!

4. Laundry/Cleaning
I know a lot of people probably won’t find this “fun” but I love cleaning! If you want to be a little more productive with your day take the time to check some things off your to do list.

5. Take a hot bath
Perfect for these cold rainy days, throw in a bath bomb and relax for awhile!

6. Watch the rain
This is my favorite thing to do – especially if it’s a summer storm! There’s nothing quite like watching the rain fall, seeing the lightening bolts scatter across the sky, and waiting to hear the thunder. The best is when you get to fall asleep to it, I miss summer so much!!

7. Board games
This is another one of my favorites, grabs some of your friends or family and sit around playing board games! It’s a great way to stay busy on these lazy days.

8. Baking
Ahh baking. Food is such a wonderful thing, I like to hop on pinterest and find a new recipe on rainy days and try it out! It’s another great way to pass the time, plus you get to eat it!

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