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Where to Buy Inexpensive Swimsuits for Spring Break & Summer | Roundup

I pretty much live in swimsuits during spring break and the summertime – but what is with all these overpriced suits these days?! I keep shopping online and finding adorable ones, but they’re $50+ just for the top, not to mention buying the whole set! I never buy expensive suits, I own a few nicer ones, but for the most part all of mine are at most $20-30 for the whole set! So I wanted to share with you all my favorite places to buy suits and a roundup of some cute ones for spring break!

I went back on my blog and found this old post on My Swimsuit Collection so I am adding a few of my favorites to this post that I still own! Comment below where you get your suits and let me know which ones I should order for Bora Bora!

Where I Buy my Suits:

I have purchased suits from all of these stores! They are definitely on the cheaper side, but I don’t mind cheaper suits!





Forever 21




Shop My Favorites:

To shop just simply click on the suits below and you will be directed to their site!


More Suits I Love:

Striped Halter Suit (similar)

Scalloped One Piece

Wrap Around Palm Suit



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