Why being 18 is different than 17

why 18 is different than 17, what you can do when you're 18

Recently I turned the big 18, which is kind of scary. There are a lot of differences between being 17 and 18, although a lot of them haven’t hit me yet. Here are the reasons why being 18 is different than 17.

1. You’re an adult.
Although many people don’t consider 18 as an actual adult, you technically are. You many not be able to drive a rental car or buy alcohol – but there are many things you can do.
2. You can sign things on your own.
…wait I don’t need my mom’s signature?
3. It’s your last year of K-12 school.
This one still hasn’t fully hit me, but is less than 6 months I’m going to be on my own at a University having to fend for myself.
4. You can Vote.
If you don’t like politics this may not be exciting, but this is something I’ve been looking forward to since I knew what the voting age was!
5. You can do adult things
You can apply for loans, rent an apartment, work full time, open a checking and savings account on your own, buy a car, and even get married (that doesn’t mean you’re ready for any of it though).
6. There are also some not so fun things you may have to deal with.
You can be legally tried as an adult regardless of what crime you commit and you can also be selected for jury duty.
7. You can join the military.
Many people wait their whole life for the day they can sign on to serve in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force.
8. You’re given the freedom to do what you want.
Get a tattoo, buy lottery tickets, buy fireworks, even purchasing tobacco products and going to strip clubs (if you’re into that).
 On another note, 63 more years and I can use these balloons again…
why being 18 is different than 17, what you can do when you're 18
-Lauren Emily

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