• Summer is Here | Off the Shoulder OOTD

    || Off the Shoulder Top (only $23) || Chino Shorts || Sunglasses || Shoes (similar) || I love finding pretty places! My little sister, Natalie, and I went driving to find a cool spot for photos and little did we know there was this gorgeous field and pond right by our house! To be honest it sort of looked like it was someones front yard because there was a house up the ways with a long driveway leading to this road we found…
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    May 23, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • C’est la Vie | Flowy T-Shirts

    I have become obsessed with flowy shirts lately, especially ones with quotes! I like them because you can dress them up with some shorts and jewelry (I love these earrings with casual sweatshirts or t-shirts - and they're on sale!) or dress them down with some leggings. I decided to keep things casual today while I ran errands with my mom and went to visit our horses. Sadly this exact top is sold out, but I found two other C'est…
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    May 20, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • My Favorite Kimonos for Summer

    ^defintion of 'beach hair, don't care' - my hair is naturally curly and goes crazy when it's humid! || My Kimono || My Swim Top || My Swim Bottoms || Sunglasses || My Beach Bag || Also LOVE this beach bag || Posting these pictures makes me want to be back in Saint Bart's so bad! My family and I went there for Spring Break in March and I swear it feels like it has been a year since we were there. I got this adorable kimono from Target right…
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    May 16, 2016 By laurenlindmark

    With only a few days left of my freshman year of college I finally have my dorm decor post done! Cleaning my room and taking these photos were a great distraction from studying, but it's hitting me that my freshman year is coming to an end. On a happier note, I LOVE decorating so planning out my dorm was a blast! I decided to go with a Lilly Pulitzer theme this year and I loved coming home to a happy, colorful…
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    May 11, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • My Favorite Self Tanner

    ^annoying hair flying away that I missed in my braid haha || Cover Up (similar) || Swim Suit || Sunglasses || Self Tanner || So I'll admit it, I used to use tanning beds. My mom is probably cringing reading that and I'm sure a lot of you are too. Not only were they horrible for me, but they are ridiculously expensive and I found I was wasting so much money on something that could potentially kill me (or at least give me leathery skin). So recently I…
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    May 4, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • Quick Breakfast Ideas | College 101

    Before I went to college I definitely took my kitchen and parent's cooking for granted. I was a little spoiled growing up because EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) in my family and extended family can cook. This has led me to have a huge appreciate, and craving, for delicious food. I love to look at Pinterest recipes, bake new things, and try out my family's dishes! However, college turned into a complete 180 for me because all I have now is…
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    May 2, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • My Spring Clothing Wish List

    || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || I've seen quite a few bloggers post their spring wardrobe wish list so I wanted to jump on the wagon, plus I really love shopping and this gives me an excuse to make a list of things I want to buy soon! First let's talk about the off the shoulder trend, I am loving off the shoulder dresses and tops! I just recently bought this…
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    April 27, 2016 By laurenlindmark