• Affordable Sweater Dress Obsession | OOTD

    | Sweater ($28 size large to make it a dress) | Hat ($22) | Booties ($35) | So I've gotten into this habit where I buy sweaters in large to make them into dresses. It's not the first time I have done it (see this post for another) and it won't be my last. I just love outfits that are cozy and simple! With sweater dresses they are not only comfy, but also easy to throw on! This adorable sweater/dress is from…
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    November 4, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • Pumpkin Patch OOTD and Pumpkin Spice VIDEO | HAPPY HALLOWEEN

    | Dress | Scarf | Boots | Socks | Blanket | Happy halloween y'all! Well...the day after halloween. I was planning to get this post up earlier, but let me tell you about my HORROR STORY of a day (lol not really a horror story but pretty horrible for me)... Let me start off by saying I don't want to be a negative nelly. I like to stay happy and positive here on my blog, but since I'm a real…
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    November 1, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • Fall is for Flannels | OOTD

    | Flannel (on sale) | Dress (similar) | Boots ($25) | Monogram Necklace | I never used to be a flannel girl, but recently I was going to breakfast on a chilly morning and snagged a flannel from my mom's closet (see the look here). Ever since then I have been obsessed and wanting to buy some of my own! Recently I teamed up with Uniqlo to share this adorable flannel with you all so I was excited to add another…
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    October 28, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • Messy Hair, Barbour, & Sweater Dresses | OOTD

    | Barbour Coat (with hood, size USA 4) | Blanket Scarf | Sweater (Size large to make it a dress - only $18) | Leggings | Hunter Boots | A little town near me has an adorable festival every year called "Maple Fest" full of street venders, food, and...more food! I love going, I actually did a post while I was there last year that you can read here. The town is so small and adorable and it is the perfect…
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    October 27, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • You Had Me at Pumpkin Spice | OOTD

    Me: | Cardigan (large) | You Had Me at Pumpkin Spice Tank | Jeans | Duck Boots | Purse | Philip: | Southern Tide Tee | Khakis | Duck Boots | Happy Nation Pumpkin Day everyone! Going to the pumpkin patch is my favorite fall tradition. My family and I used to go every year and race home to start carving and baking pumpkin seeds. I love how nostalgic every new season makes me feel. There's something so wonderful about how…
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    October 26, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • Mint Julep Slouchy Sweater EXCULSIVE LINK (Worn Casual) | OOTD

    | Rose Slouchy Top (Exclusive link for 50% off!) | Scarf | Leggings ($15) | Hunter Boots | This is part two of my Mint Julep Boutique Slouchy Dolman Tunic blogposts! If you haven't seen number one first, read it here to learn more about these super cute tops and my exclusive link to get 50% off! Plus see how this sweater can be dresses up! To be honest this is what I look like 90% of the time when I'm just going to…
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    October 25, 2016 By laurenlindmark
  • Travel Beauty Essentials

    As a girl that loves traveling, I have become an expert on what to pack over the years. I've done quite a few packing posts before (my most recent was how to be an organized packer), however I really wanted to specifically talk about what kind of beauty items to pack for your trips! Traveling can be harsh on your skin, nails, hair, and everything in between. I make sure to pack everything I could ever need so I am…
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    October 24, 2016 By laurenlindmark