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My 2020 Resolutions + Looking Back at 2019’s Resolutions

Happy 2020 everyone! I hope everyone has had a great holiday season so far! I honestly can’t believe it’s already a new year,  it feels like the end of 2019 flew by! I actually really love the New Year. I know a lot of people think it’s cheesy, but I love setting goals and the feeling of new beginnings! It’s fun to use this time of year to set new goals or challenges for yourself.

Every year I write a blogpost about my New Year’s Resolutions! You can go back for years and read them – which I think is a really cool part about having a blog! I like to go back through and talk about my resolutions from the prior year, so that’s how I will start out this post!

Here are my 2015 Resolutions, 2016 Resolutions, 2017 Resolutions, 2018 Resolutions, 2019 Resolutions posts!

My 2019 Resolutions – How did I do?


1. Save Money

This is something I definitely could have been better about! I want to keep working on this in 2020.


2. Say Yes to New Opportunities

I definitely did this! 2019 was all about getting out my comfort zone. I hosted two blogger events at Kendra Scott and also did a lot of popup events because of my boutique!


3. Stick with Only Eating Dairy Once a Week

Haha! I did this here in there. If you didn’t know, I am lactose intolerant. However, I also have a hyper sensitive stomach to a million other foods, so I don’t always stick to no-dairy (because sometimes it’s like “why cut it out when I am going to feel sick anyways?”) This year I definitely did better, and noticed that I felt better when eating certain foods. I want to continue with “intuitive eating” in 2020!


4. Have a Healthier Year

Overall, I would say this was a success. The only thing I didn’t do was workout as much as I would have liked.


5. Learn to Love Working Out

Like I said above, this is something I want to work on more in 2020!


6. Get on a Good Schedule

For most of the year I rocked this, but when I opened my boutique my schedule went to shit! There were nights I was leaving work past midnight and I definitely wasn’t taking care of myself. I want to get back to a good schedule in 2020!


7. Stick to my Morning Routine and Night Routine

This kind of goes along with what I said above, I want to be better about self care this year!


8. Read a Book a Month

I read one book… haha! I am so bad about just coming home and turning Netflix on instead of reading, but I want to be better about this!


9. Keep Growing

This was definitely a success! I grew so much in 2019!


10. Travel

Scottsdale, Turks & Caicos, The Kentucky Derby, Dallas, Italy, Greece, Massachusetts, New Zealand, and New York City! Definitely an amazing year of travel!


11. Minimize my Life

I did this at the beginning of the year, but I definitely need to do a huge declutter and minimize the things in my life again! 


12. Open an Online Boutique

YES! One of my biggest accomplishments of the year!


New Year's Resolutions 2020 cozy fireplace Daily Dose of Charm Lauren Lindmark New Year's Resolutions 2020 cozy fireplace Daily Dose of Charm Lauren Lindmark New Year's Resolutions 2020 cozy fireplace Daily Dose of Charm Lauren Lindmark

My 2020 Resolutions


This year something I want to do differently is not only set yearly goals, but also set monthly and quarterly goals. I think this is a great way to make your goals more attainable! Let me know if you want a full post about how to stick to your goals! I will start with my overall “yearly” goals!

1. Have a Better Life Balance

This is something I definitely struggled with a lot in 2019 after launching my business. I didn’t see my friends as much, I let go of a lot of self-care (like washing my face everyday, keeping my space tidy, doing laundry in a timely manner, and more). I also was not able to blog as much towards the end of the year which really made me me upset. This year I want to work on having a better life balance, and getting ahead in what I need to do so I can achieve more!


2. Get More Organized and Stay Organized

I mean this in every aspect of my life. My businesses, my living space, my to do lists. Being more organized always gives me a clearer head. I want to work on decluttering what I do not need and keeping my space a “happy space.”


3. Be More Assertive

This is a personal goal of mine. I really want to work on not being a pushover, being able to speak my mind, and be confrontational when I need to.


4. Get my Hair Healthy Again

After getting NBR extensions I started blow drying my hair more and using more heat. This caused a lot of breakage and is the main reason I cut my hair. This year I want to grow it back out and get it healthier so I can have long hair again!


5. Keep Learning  + Stimulating My Mind

Most of 2019 I was really good at this. I was constantly listening to educational podcasts, reading, and watching videos. However, after I opened my business I kind of lost that. Obviously I was still learning by simply “doing” – but I want I want to get back to actively trying to learn this year. I also work on reading more fun books too instead of just watching Netflix!


6. Learn to Love Working Out + Make Time for It

This is something I really want to do this year. I just don’t make the time to take care of myself and my body like I should.


7. Get on a Good Schedule + Including a Morning & Night Routine

This one kind of goes along with balance, but I think having a good morning and night routine is really important! It’s a good way to add some self-care into your days plus it motivates you for your day (or helps you wind down at night). I really want to incorporate stretching and working out into these routines! I also want to get on a good schedule for having different work days of the week for different businesses, tasks, etc.


8. Save Money + Don’t Buy things I Do Not Need (clutter)

This one is pretty self explanatory, but it’s definitely something I need to work on!


9. Get Back to Blogging + Instagram Without Worrying

I want to get back to blogging and Instagram-ing for the fun of it and stop caring about what time to post, how many likes I get, themes, etc.


10. Launch My New Business

More on this soon…


January / Q1 Specific Goals


I want start working on these goals above. To do that I need to set some more specific goals. Obviously I have much more than just this, but this is a little outline that covers the big goals! I want to print these as a reminder!

1. One thing I really want to do is try not eat out for lunch for a whole month! Working in an office I have had a bad habit of ordering door dash and eating unhealthy. I am going to start meal prepping again so I can save money and be healthier! Plus I love a good challenge!

2.  Organization! I want to start decluttering this month so I can become more organized. I also want to create a better schedule at work so I can get ahead.

3. I also am setting a goal to Instagram 3 times a week this month and posting 2 blogposts a week. We will see if I can get back into it!

4. I also want to start taking my acne medicine + vitamins again! This goes along with having a self-care routine.

5. Declutter my room, car, and storage unit in January!


P.S. – notice that I wore this “It’s a Lifestyle” sweatshirt in these pics! I thought it was perfect because creating goals and resolutions are a lifestyle change!


Let me know what your Resolutions are!


Lauren Emily Lindmark

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